Our Team

Our experienced team of Attorney and Non-Attorney staff are seasoned in Global Immigration Law. They choose to work in this field due to an abiding passion and belief. They hold true that their work is critical in leveraging the best minds for some of the most critical jobs; in enabling dreams and in building a better future for all. This is what drives them and enables them to be the strongest and most effective advocates for our clients.

Please click on the team member profiles below for a more thorough introduction.

Anindita Chowdhury - Managing Attorney

Olayinka Alexander - Associate Attorney

Kelsey Tidgewell - Senior Paralegal

William Hannah - Paralegal

Gennys Aleman – Legal Assistant

Jennifer Ortiz - Senior Paralegal

Maria Koltyrina - Legal Assistant

Rohan Dey - Paralegal

Arpa Parekh - Assistant Paralegal

Mahtaj MISRA - Senior Paralegal

Debolina Choudhury - Assistant Paralegal

Nibedita - Manager

Dipika Kundu - Paralegal

Abhijit Ghosh - Senior Paralegal