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The welcome mat for immigrants to legally migrate around the world has been laid out. In fact, countries recognize the important impact that immigrants have on economies around the world. Many countries also offer generous benefits for refugees and other hard pressed individuals. While world conflicts have resulted in record migration around the world, and has strained the resources for many countries, the fact remains that in today’s dynamic world economy, migration is accepted as being essential.

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USILaw works with our clients to understand their long term objectives, whether it may migration to a European Union country or the United States, we offer legal paths to attain such goals. In some countries where we do not have a direct presence, Usilaw works with validated service providers to assure delivery of success. We will guide our clients through the entire process and be available to ensure that the third party engagement partner provides services that are up to the Usilaw standards.

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Figure 1.1. Permanent migration flows to OECD countries, 2006-14 Note: Data for 2006 to 2013 is the sum of standardized figures for countries where they are available (accounting for 95% of the total of flows to OECD countries), and non-standardized figures for other countries. 2014 data are estimated based on growth rates published in official national statistics. Source: OECD calculations based on national statistics.