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USILaw works with companies to explore the correct type of visa that would apply in any given situation. We would then facilitate the procurement of that visa through our tested and proven processes and methodologies. Headquartered in Washington, D.C. area, Usilaw has direct access to embassies of every possible country. Our automated systems and processes ease and assure that visa processing would be done within the expected timeframes.

Each country has unique visa qualification and documentation requirements. Many of the wealthiest OECD countries have multiple categories of visas for Skilled Workers, Business Workers, Student and Family Visas.

For companies, the global marketplace offers unprecedented opportunities. It is critical for Companies to move their personnel seamlessly and take advantage of these possibilities.

It is critical for companies to plan their global mobility and personnel placement needs. We empower clients by understanding their needs and planning a comprehensive strategy to address those needs. In order to meet the challenges of global work visas, USILaw maintains a knowledge base of the principal countries to which most of its clients require visas to.

Migration to OECD Countries in 2012 and 2013 (in thousands)

Graph of workers' visas

Why USILaw?

  • Global Service on a Global Basis: Headquartered in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, USILaw has access to embassies from every country in the world. This enables us to access information and develop the necessary relationships for the benefit our clients. Our embassy and consular services staff are well-versed in the requirements for countries many of our clients need access to.
  • 24 Hour Weekday Service: USILaw’s 24x7 weekday service enables our clients to get answers quickly and effortlessly.

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