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The immigration attorneys at USILaw understand that success for companies most often depends on having the right people in the right places within the right timeframe. Usilaw’s in-depth knowledge and its history of success in immigration law serves as an assurance that a company’s immigration needs are addressed flawlessly and that immigration becomes a competitive advantage for our clients.

USILaw provides companies with strategic insights and an understanding of the thicket of regulations so that a comprehensive strategy is developed to align business needs with regulatory requirements. We enable companies to manage their human resource needs in a comprehensive manner rather than rely on a reactive piecemeal approach.

At USILaw, we believe that immigration fulfills dreams, builds companies, and enables talent to find causes that enhance societies around the world.

The employment visa categories that our clients use most frequently include:‚Äč




Treaty Trader (E-1) and Treaty Investor (E-2) visas are for citizens of countries with which the U.S. has treaties of commerce


Temporary worker visas are for persons wanting to enter the United States for employment for a fixed time period.


Visas for visitors in Exchange Visitor Programs


Intracompany Transferee Visa for an individual


For persons with extraordinary ability or achievement

Trade Nafta (TN)

Visas under North American Free Trade Agreement for Canadian and Mexican Citizens

In the alphabet soup that governs Immigration regulations in the United States, there are myriad opportunities for companies to employ the personnel that they need. Companies need a partner who will realize every opportunity and explore every possibility. At USILaw, we understand the needs of our customers and are able to address short term needs and plan for long terms requirements.

Principally, H and L Visas are the primary methods of employment based work visas.

There are several types of H visas – for specific types of employees and which have certain requirements and restrictions.

Types of H Visas

Requirements and Restrictions


Persons in “Specialty Occupation.” Generally, requires a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree


For temporary or seasonal agricultural work. Limited to citizens or nationals of designated countries


For temporary or seasonal non- agricultural work. Limited to citizens or nationals of designated countries


Trainee or Special Education visitor

There are also types of L Visas available for multinational companies with their own specific requirements and restrictions. They are:

Types of L Visas

Requirements and Restrictions


Visas for qualified senior executives and managers within multinational companies.


Visas for professional employees with specialized and proprietary knowledge relating to the organization’s interests

Blanket L

Visa process for multinational companies to receive approval to transfer their employees in L-1 status. It is restricted to relatively large international employers like Electrolux

The USILaw Differentiators:

  • Results Matter. Working with a wide range of clients – from some of the largest and most recognized companies to some of the most highly ambitious – USILaw has attained a track record of success that leads the industry. Our clients can count on us to deliver results.
  • Experience Counts. Our experienced staff builds on the foundation of success. Knowledge-share between staff members is almost ritualized. Consequently, our clients can always be assured that they are benefitting from the collective experience of the firm and a best practices process forged at the forefront of the practice of immigration law.
  • Impactful Relationships. At USILaw we take the compact of trust between ourselves and our clients very seriously. This behooves us to work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that decisions are based on the best knowledge and transparency.


  • Highest levels of success
  • Robust platform delivering comprehensive immigration solutions
  • Reliable, customer service oriented case management
  • Responsive team that understands the business necessities for immigration solutions

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