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One of the major planks of U.S. Immigration Law is the benefit accorded to citizens and in certain cases to Permanent Residents to petition on behalf of family members for immigration benefits. There are multiple visa categories.

In choosing an immigration firm or an immigration attorney, it is important to ensure that they have knowledge and experience. This avoids problems and ensures that dreams are not delayed and positive outcomes are not postponed.

At USILaw, you will find a group of dedicated professionals who endeavor to provide results that our clients can count on. We will work with our clients to understand their objectives and we will also strive to ensure that we provide them with all the information necessary to make an educated decision.

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Please find below certain categories of possible family based petitions.

Relative for Whom Petition Can Be Filed

Type of Benefit

Permanent Residency of the U.S.

  • A fiancé(e) residing outside the United States and children of fiancé(e) under 21

K-2 Fiancée Visa

(There are specific conditions attached to the issuance of this type of temporary transitional visa)

  • Spouse
  • Children of spouse (unmarried and under 21)

K-3/K-4 Non Immigrant Visa

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