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When an employer wishes to hire a foreign national in a temporary position, the O-1 family of visas may be an option to consider. The O-1 nonimmigrant visa may be granted to individuals who have a job offer in the United States and have demonstrated an extraordinary ability in one of a number of qualifying fields. These employment visas are typically granted for up to three years, with the possibility of multiple one-year extensions dependent on the time required to finish a project or event. There are no quotas or limits on the number of O-1 visas which are granted each year.

The O-1 visa is divided into categories based on the applicants chosen industry and include:

  • O-1A: For persons demonstrating extraordinary talent in the fields of business, athletics, education, or the sciences.
  • O-1B: For persons demonstrating extraordinary talent in the arts, including the television and film industries.
  • O-2: For accompanying assistants who possess skills that are critical to the completion or success of the O-1 applicant's work.
  • O-3: For the spouse and children of qualifying O-1 and O-2 visa applicants.

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O-1 Eligibility Requirements

The O-1 visa is available to individuals who have risen to the top of their field, either through national acclaim or through recognition within their industry. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services provide general requirements for prospective applicants and an individual must typically meet at least three of these criteria to qualify. A visa may also be granted to an individual’s family or working assistants. The specific requirements are also dependent on the industry in which the applicant is seeking employment.

Criteria for O-1A visas include:

  • Recipient of national or international awards and prizes, such as a Pulitzer Prize
  • Membership in exclusive industry associations which require exceptional achievements or abilities
  • Made significant scholarly or educational contributions to the chosen field
  • A history of employment in executive or essential roles for leading businesses
  • Author of works in leading industry publications, newspapers or media outlets

Criteria for O-1B visas include:

  • The applicant is needed to perform a lead or critical role as part of a production which has a distinguished reputation.
  • Proven and documented record of success through remarkable monetary achievements or through critical acclaim
  • Received or honored for work or accomplishments by significant organizations, government agencies, or prominent critics
  • Consistent high salary earner in relation to others who produce similar work

While the above qualifications may seem strict, individuals should not be dissuaded from applying as there is typically room for interpretation. Additionally, in cases where the stated criteria do not apply, it is possible to submit evidence for similar or equivalent accomplishments that demonstrate an individual’s outstanding abilities. This is especially true for niche fields with relatively small communities where one or more of the above criteria may not exist. Our employment visa attorneys are highly knowledgeable of these requirements and work with clients to communicate the exact nature of their professional recognitions and accomplishments.

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The success of an application is greatly dependent on an individual’s ability to accurately communicate and demonstrate how they are a leader in their field. If you are seeking an O-1 temporary employment visa, securing knowledgeable legal representation can greatly affect the outcome of your case. At USILaw, we are highly knowledgeable of the laws and regulations surrounding employment-based visa services. Our Montgomery County immigration attorneys have substantial experience helping clients to further their careers while building companies and investing in communities.

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